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Women in business

Blueprint for action

To create a successful business, internal culture needs to be both diverse and inclusive, but positive change won’t happen by itself – we need to take conscious action that is both deliberate and followed through. The Blueprint for Action outlines a method of doing so, built upon six pillars of purpose. Discover more about each of the pillars below, and how to put them into practice.

In 2020, Grant Thornton’s Women in Business research focuses on how these pillars are being put in place by businesses around the world. Creating a truly inclusive culture is central to attracting, and getting the most from, diverse employees who feel free to express their differences. Which is why, using our 2020 report as a springboard, Grant Thornton is creating a roadmap to an inclusive business culture in 2020, bringing together the views of inclusion influencers and the latest research.

Champion the business case

Diverse teams lead to better, more innovative business performance, critical in an increasingly complex world.

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Know your diversity data

Benchmark your organisation’s data to understand where you need to make targeted changes.

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Identify and source talent

Remove bias, both in identifying and sourcing candidates and throughout your appointment and promotion processes.

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Open up development and advancement

Women need to be supported into more development and profit and loss lead roles.

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Retain diverse employees

Flexible working needs to be available across the organisation.

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Create an inclusive culture

A culture where people feel they belong, their uniqueness is valued and they can speak up, needs to be led from the top.

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Design your business’s Blueprint for action:

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