Organisations that send their greatest assets – their people – overseas to work can face tax complexities and challenges.

Working overseas offers an opportunity for business and personal growth. However, employers have to make sure that remuneration is competitive and that tax, social security and pension issues associated with relocation are addressed.

Working with both companies and individuals, we can advise on the pitfalls associated with working abroad and make sure that appropriate pre-assignment planning opportunities are implemented effectively to minimise the tax burden for both parties.

Our tax specialists across the network work together on complex multi-jurisdictional issues to help employers adopt a consistent and transparent approach to their expatriate assignments. This makes sure that employees are treated fairly and are clear about the terms of their relocation package.

This expatriate tax guide has been designed to provide an overview of the different tax systems around the globe. 

To find out how specialists from across our network of member firms can help you align a global mobility strategy with business objectives, contact one of the global mobilty contacts listed or your local member firm.