European Real Estate Podcast

Jessica Patel,
Matthias Lowa,
Oliver Haunch,
Ángel Turel
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In the second podcast in our series, Jessica Patel, a partner in Grant Thornton UK’s Real Estate and Construction team, is joined by a panel of Real Estate specialists from across our European member firms; Mattias Lowa, from Grant Thornton Germany, Ángel Turel from Grant Thornton Spain, and Oliver Haunch from Grant Thornton UK.

Split into two episodes, the first includes the panel sharing their insights on the residential market, including student accommodation, focusing on how the current macroeconomic environment is impacting this market and what opportunities are out there for potential investors.

In episode two the panel focuses on the commercial market, including hotels and other significant asset types, again looking at the impact of the current macroeconomic environment. They also share their experience on the types of trends they are seeing in the market and how environmental, social, and governance (ESG) regulations are affecting each jurisdiction. 

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