Grant Thornton is committed to keeping quality at the centre of everything we do, including our global, digital audit approach. This includes modernising our global audit approach with Leap. Leap is the Grant Thornton global assurance technology platform that provides the ability to conduct client acceptance, consultations and all assurance and other attestation engagements. 

The proprietary, cloud-based tool delivers greater value to clients, people and our member firms. Seamlessly operationalising our global audit methodology, the platform empowers higher-quality audits; enables flexibility to perform an efficient and effective audit; and enhances both the people and client experiences. 

The core objectives of Leap are rooted in keeping quality at the centre of everything we do and supporting the execution of the Grant Thornton network strategy by taking advantage of new technologies and efficiencies. It does so by enabling consistent, seamless operation across borders; efficient delivery of all audits; and deeper insights into client businesses.

Focussing on quality across our network the Leap platform brings a more proactive and tailored approach to managing quality, with more rigorous oversight of systems of quality monitoring and effective remediation of deficiencies. It also enables monitoring of the implementation of our global audit methodology more effectively, allowing for a more seamless people and client journey across borders. Leap showcases built-in project management features to help manage the lifecycle of an engagement, with an efficient review process that minimises administrative tasks. It also has the ability to scale and grow as member firm clients’ businesses scale and grow.

The vision of Leap 

The Leap platform delivers on a three-part vision with a goal of driving efficiency, security, scalability and global consistency. 

Enhance quality 

Leap facilitates consistent execution of our global audit methodology, allowing for timely updates to the methodology that can be implemented, as necessary, on engagements. It provides our network with increased visibility around quality by performing real-time and post-archive monitoring of engagements and facilitating continuous improvement for engagements. 

Improve delivery 

Leap allows the largest and most complex audits to be performed efficiently and effectively via a stable, trusted cloud platform that can scale down for less complex engagements. It reduces administrative burdens and provides a user interface that is easy to navigate, use and understand. Leap also allows for the ability to develop and integrate additional innovations into the platform. 

Enrich people and client experience 

Leap enables engagement teams to plan and execute the appropriate audit plan for each engagement, reducing time spent on non-value-added tasks and thus promoting a better user experience. It also delivers on the Grant Thornton commitment to continuously enhance audit quality, demonstrating to clients that the network’s firms operate seamlessly across borders, providing better insights.

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