Helping you balance risk and opportunity

The relationship between a company and its auditor has changed. Organisations must understand and manage risk and seek an appropriate balance between risk and opportunities.

Our full suite of services can help you strike that balance.

Our solutions

Internal audit

We assess corporate level risk, identify areas of greatest risk and develop appropriate work plans and  audit programmes to mitigate these risks.

Sarbanes-Oxley consulting (SOX)

We streamline your efforts towards SOX compliance to improve your efficiency and effectiveness.

Enterprise risk management (ERM)

We can implement this leading approach to managing and optimising risk with a bespoke strategy for identifying,  analysing and monitoring potential risk.


We will help you assess your security vulnerability, establish or improve your IT security processes and remediate breaches or compliance failures.

Anti-fraud services

We can deter and detect fraud or abusive activity, conduct forensic investigation, uncover  evidence and support companies involved in existing or pending litigation.

Anti-bribery and anti-corruption

We can develop, implement and continuously monitor your compliance programmes.

Joint global head

Dianne Neurauter