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Tax Six key tips for transfer pricing in 2020
Even as restrictions are gradually eased, there continues to be considerable uncertainty over the risks, circumstances and comparables used to determine arm’s
Global business pulse - North America North American businesses among hardest hit by Coronavirus
A health check of mid-market firms in North America warns of consequences for the region’s future economic growth.
Global business pulse - Latin America Latin American mid-market shows resolve amid Coronavirus uncertainties
Latin American mid-market shows resolve amid Coronavirus uncertainties with the smallest fall and the best index score across APAC, EU and neighbouring North
Global business pulse - European Union Jobs threat as EU businesses reel from impact of Coronavirus
Grant Thornton’s new Global business pulse shows that businesses in the EU have been badly hit by the effects oif COVID-19.
Global business pulse - Asia Pacific APAC bouncing back from the pandemic
The results of Grant Thornton’s new Global business pulse show that the region held up better than many other parts of the world, with nearly half of
Mid-market index Global business pulse
Grant Thornton’s new index into the health of mid-sized companies comes at the most difficult time in a generation for these companies.
Business resilience Rethinking resilience in recovery
Perceived mid-market resilience and agility might have helped ease the shock of COVID-19 pandemic. Will this same resilience transfer to the next phase of the
COVID-19 response Recovery through resilience
With more resources available than smaller businesses and with less complexity than larger ones, the mid-market has innate agility to pivot effectively in
Revised Posted Workers Directive (EU) 2018/957
Posted workers are perceived as a source of social competition between EU member states. The difference of social contributions can be attractive but new