Women in business

Champions for action

Welcome to our Champions for action homepage as part of our 2019 Women in business campaign.

Our champions for action are global business figures leading the charge for gender diversity.

Each Champion has shared a variety of challenges, success stories, advice and practical solutions for addressing gender parity at the senior management level.

From these challenging discussions we will create a practical blueprint for boosting more women into senior leadership roles.

Want to get involved? Join the conversation using the hashtag #BlueprintForAction.

Francesca Lagerberg on making change happen

Promoting positive progress

Kim Schmidt champions culture change

The right thing can also be the hardest

Peter Bodin leading from the top

Culture change has to come from the top

Achieving inclusivity in India

Vandana Saxena Poria on her vision for diversity

Isabel Perea Gaviria on the war for talent

Why gender balance is a powerful weapon

Karitha Ericson, COO, Grant Thornton Sweden

A journey of culture change

Srikant Sastry on eliminating bias

For innovation, find someone different

Katerina Koulouri tells a success story from Greece

Action points for creating an inclusive firm

Sharon Healy of Grant Thornton Canada LLP

Embracing individuality from top to bottom

Dr Anna Zaroda-Dąbrowska on overcoming bias

True diversity requires a new frame of mind

Brenda Trenowden CBE on driving inclusivity

How to lead a cultural shift

The reason for research

Knowing your numbers allows for intelligent action

Kavita Mathur, Grant Thornton India

Diversity data drives change

Beat recruitment bias, says María de los A. Rivera

How to build a balanced team

Clients want to work with diverse teams

Dave Dunckley explains

Nicole Bradley on her personal journey

Overcoming obstacles on the way to partnership

Funke Abimbola calls out bias

What makes a truly inclusive business culture

Q&A with investment bank MD Janki Lalani Gandhi

Recruiting and retaining female talent in finance

Building an equal industry

Carla Wall on a truly inclusive workplace

Ana Battung wants more visible female leaders

How connecting women to mentors works

Q&A with the founder of Intelligent Ethics

Leaders must retain their humanity

Miriam González Durántez on inspiring young women

It’s never too early for mentoring

Leticia Hervert on diversity and the professional body

Founding economic growth on teamwork

Building confidence in the workplace

Helping professionals gain self-assurance

Why diversity always wins

Peter Grauer outlines the business case

Q&A with Angela Oduor Lungati

Leading by example

Greg Keith, CEO, Grant Thornton Australia

Diversity is not a women’s issue

Lorraine Lloyd-Thomas champions mentorship

The right guidance will lead to success

Shruthi Rao calls out gender bias

Female CEOs still aren’t taken seriously

Chinese women’s role in the family can stifle career

Sue Cheng on how to combat traditional roles

Stop asking us to make the tea

Louise Willdridge calls out gender bias