Workable solutions to maximise your value and deliver sustainable recovery

The turns of the economic cycle can produce seismic shifts in  the outlook for individual businesses and potentially destroy value at speed. We help recovery and reorganisation professionals, companies and their stakeholders  devise ways to maximise value and deliver a sustainable recovery.

Our fully integrated, global capability, which includes market-leading teams in all the key offshore financial  centres, means we can advise on the most complicated group structures.

Our role in helping develop cross-border restructuring legislation means our clients have access to the latest restructuring solutions.

Our solutions

Crisis stabilisation and turnaround

We can help you create financial stability, assess cash flow and improve short-term liquidity in the early stages. We will analyse the causes of under-performance and assess the strategic opportunities if you are in crisis.

Accelerated M&A

We advise and manage transactions associated with the acquisition or disposal of distressed assets or businesses.

Exit strategy services

We implement the sale or closure of underperforming or non-core corporate entities for the best value.

Corporate insolvency

We advise distressed companies, their creditors and other stakeholders in situations where a business can't be saved or  where a formal insolvency process is required.

Asset recovery and tracing

We identify and recover misappropriated assets, often as part of formal insolvency processes or in support of on-going litigation or fraud investigations.

Operational and financial restructuring

We provide specialist restructuring support, including transforming business processes. We also implement new business  strategies, divesting non-core businesses and designing new capital structures.

Financial markets and insurance

If you are in the financial or insurance sector, we can help you with restructuring and exit strategies for both solvent and insolvent situations.

Debt advisory

Our teams have experience of devising tailored funding solutions as part of a sustainable capital structure in line with your strategic ambitions.

Pension schemes solvency

We can advise corporates and trustees on the solvency of pension schemes.

Financial monitoring for regulators

We advise central banks in relation to the solvency of financial institutions. We also work with the European Commission on restructuring plans and state aid.

Talk to us

To find out more about how the team can deliver workable solutions to maximise value and deliver sustainable recovery, contact , global head of recovery and reorganisation.