Going beyond is what makes Grant Thornton different

We make business personal.

Uncovering the right answers starts with asking the right questions, so we invest in listening, building relationships and understanding your concerns. This allows your member firm team to focus on the real issues, challenge you constructively, collaboratively engage and offer solutions that are both illuminating and actionable.

Going beyond expectations through empathy, collaboration and personalisation.

We work at the pace that matters - yours.

Issues arise, goals evolve and needs change. Your member firm team is poised to change with them. Our flatter structure and agile approach quickly adapts to your way of working.
We aren’t limited by geographical borders, and we’ve replaced silos with relationships. We simplify the complex, making the technical accessible so you are always ready to react at the speed of today’s business.

Going beyond to provide speed, clarity, and flexibility.

We value diverse perspectives.

Sometimes the path forward isn’t clear until you change your point of view. This is why we foster an open culture where the boldest ideas can flourish. We celebrate fresh thinking and combine deep industry expertise with newly uncovered insights. So you have the whole picture and can make decisions with confidence.

Going beyond to nurture fresh thinking, diverse solutions and confident decisions.

We don’t predict the future. We help you shape it.

A brighter tomorrow starts with a clear eye on the horizon and a compass to guide you which is why we match proactive insights to practical applications. Working closely with regulators, funders and standard setting bodies to help define the business landscape. Helping you to create sustainable growth no matter the road ahead, so you can keep moving forward.

Going beyond to offer proactive insights, practical guidance and positive progress.

We are committed to delivering consistently high quality

Every time you work with a member firm in the network, you will find the same rigorous approach, professional standards and commitment to excellence. And we are constantly leveraging our technical expertise and technological innovations to set the bar even higher.

Going beyond to set the standard for quality, expertise and innovation.

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Whether you’re growing in one market or many, looking to operate more effectively, managing risk and regulation, or realising stakeholder value, our firms have the assurance, tax and advisory services to meet your need.