Transfer pricing remains a critical tax issue for multinational companies and policymakers as countries compete for the same tax dollar amid considerable uncertainty over the risks, circumstances and comparables used to determine arm’s length transfer prices.

Grant Thornton recognises how important it is to keep up with all the new transfer pricing-related rules tax authorities are introducing worldwide. That is why we created Grant Thornton’s Transfer Pricing Guide – where you can easily find everything you need to know about the rules and regulations regarding transfer pricing and Country by Country reporting for every country you carry on business.

Our guide also connects you to Grant Thornton’s network of transfer pricing specialists who can help your company plan, implement, document and defend its transfer pricing policies. At Grant Thornton, transfer pricing represents more than a tax compliance exercise. It’s an opportunity to drive business value and support growth – for any multinational company, regardless of size.

Our specialist teams can help with:

  • Audit support – sophisticated economic arguments, research and databases can help defend transfer pricing policies before the tax authorities.
  • Documentation – using expert local knowledge to prepare country-specific documentation to satisfy local tax regulations.
  • Planning – the growth or restructuring of a company doing business internationally provides an opportunity to review transfer pricing and tax planning to minimise tax burden.
  • Supply chain re-engineering – the critical analysis of the supply chain to gain operational efficiencies.

Please note that this is only a general guide, and you should not take action on the basis of this guide alone. If you would like further information and guidance geared to your particular business, please feel free to get in touch with the local advisors listed in each of the jurisdiction pages or your local member firm.