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France Covid-19: employees’ international mobility, tax and social impacts
Faced with the prolonged health crisis resulting from COVID-19, new restrictions and quarantine measures have been announced in France.
Global business pulse - Sector analysis Clear patterns of damage from COVID-19 across the industries
The index results for 12 key sectors of the mid-market reveal just how much or little the various parts of the economy were impacted by COVID-19.
Global business pulse - Hotels Hoteliers deploy their crisis management skills in tough times
Travel, tourism and leisure sector of the economy has been worst hit by COVID-19.
Global business pulse - Technology Surge in demand puts tech at the top of the pile
Technology, media and telecoms (TMT) is one of the few industries to retain more than a glimmer of optimism in the midst of COVID-19.
New dynamics and tax risk in remote working
While the spread and impact of the pandemic has continued to develop, so have the tax implications for this new wave of internationally mobile employees.
Philippines relaxes tax residency and PE rules
Relaxed rules on tax residency and the creation of permanent establishment in the Philipines due to the effects of COVID-19 measures.
Individual and employer tax considerations for coronavirus
Tax authorities are reviewing and enacting changes to provide relief to affected taxpayers, find out the latest tax changes for Individuals and employers.
Rooms available: how COVID-19 has impacted the hotel industry
The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented level of disruption to the global hotel industry. A combination of local lockdowns and travel restrictions
The new normal: how COVID-19 has impacted retail
It is safe to assume that for the majority of retail businesses, 2020 has offered some unique challenges. Lockdowns resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic have