IFRS 17 ‘Insurance Contracts’ represents the culmination of a twenty year project by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) to improve the comparability of companies that issue insurance contracts.

The new Standard replaces the similarly titled IFRS 4 (which was issued some time ago as an interim Standard) and it will have an impact on data, technology solutions and investor relations as well as financial reporting. This is a new Standard that has an effective date of 1 January 2023 but may be applied earlier (subject to considerations imposed by local legislation).

Our publication entitled 'Get to grips with IFRS 17' is designed to help prepare and guide you for this major new Standard. It explains the Standard’s key features and provides insights into their application and impact.

To discuss the issues presented by the Standard in further detail, please contact your local member firm.


Get to grips with IFRS 17

Mark Hucklesby
Director of Financial Reporting
Mark Hucklesby