We try to detect and work with our peoples’ best qualities. By demonstrating their talents confidently, they earn respect, and first-class people choose to stay.

My team started with 30-40 employees with annual revenues of around 10 million RMB. In the past 10 years, it has grown by 10% each year. Now we have more than 150 employees with annual revenues of around 60 million RMB.

In any job, not just accountancy, when someone works proactively as opposed to working reactively, the results are definitely different. Our managers aim to inspire a passion in our people to take on jobs willingly and be curious. Different managers play different roles - asking new joiners about their hobbies and assigning them to interest groups, predicting the challenges younger employees might face, and rehearsing with them before they present to clients.

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"This organisation has always been very open and fair. If you’re excellent, there will always be possibilities to move up."

As a leader, you have to take responsibility for your employees. When they come to you for advice, you need to be ready.

Two of our team members recently took part in a competition held by the Beijing Certified Public Accountancy (CPA) Association where they made it to the finals. Before they headed to the finals, I called them to my office, telling them to take ten days off to get ready and make sure they had no regrets. I didn’t expect them to win. I just wanted them to try their best.

The team worked incredibly hard. They won and became the champions against many strong opponents from major CPA firms in China. They did their homework, and our firm also provided a lot of support, with training from our technical department which helped contribute to their success. They didn’t just win as individuals; they won as champions for Grant Thornton China!”

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