Edina Orina is a senior associate in our Nairobi office in our Kenyan firm. Having made the transition from hospitality to professional services, Edina shares why she chose Grant Thornton and how she was encouraged to grow in ways she never could have imagined.

"Growth, for me, is bettering myself everyday."

"What attracted me most to Grant Thornton was the chance to work for a big international company where I could build my career.

The work environment here is friendly, offering great exposure to challenging assignments. I’m living proof of an associate who came in with no experience and has risen up to become a manager. My leaders, they see potential in me.

They value me as a person and give me projects that help to unlock my potential.

Looking back, I didn’t know I could create policies. I didn’t know I could create a performance management system. I didn’t know I could create job descriptions. And by running inductions, counselling and mentoring sessions, I’ve grown in confidence when I stand in front of people and talk.

Our study policy motivated me to go back to school. We’re given free study and exam days, and those days are not deducted from our leave. I’ve just passed a higher diploma in human resources, so I was taken out on my ‘qualifier’s lunch’ by the managing partner of the firm. He keeps encouraging me to add knowledge.

Like our open door policy – if you have a problem and need guidance, you can walk into a partner’s office and they will assist you.

There’s a genuine interest in people and a sense of belonging that makes you want to wake up every day and come to work.

Like in a family. If anything happens to you, everyone is genuinely concerned. If you are not performing, they want to know why and what they can do to help.

I can’t compare myself to the person from two years ago. I’ve become someone better - someone very professional. I have really grown.”

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