Chris Febry, Finance Director at Flamingo Horticulture Kenya Ltd, tells us about his experience of working with Grant Thornton:

"As an international horticulture business, we pride ourselves on providing seamless services across borders, and we expect the same from our external advisers. My past experiences of working with other companies often involved dealing with several people within the same business and having to repeat myself a lot. Ideally, we want a single point of contact dealing with our relationship who communicates to their team about our needs. In the past we have struggled finding advisers who can provide that seamless service.

That’s how we first came across Grant Thornton. We were looking for new advisers and we invited their Kenyan firm to take part in the tender process.

We gave a piece of work to Grant Thornton to allow them to demonstrate the value and commitment they could bring to us. It was clear that we were important to them when a team from the UK flew to Kenya to see our production facilities.

"They came across as a single coordinated team, despite being based in different locations and this commitment proved Grant Thornton was the right adviser for us."

This, coupled with their approach to dealing with Kenyan idiosyncrasies in relation to advisors and legislation, creates the potential for a long-standing and constructive relationship.

Grant Thornton understood what we were looking for from the start and were confident they could provide the kind of service we wanted. Their International Business Centre (IBC) has proved to be a key differentiator as it provides us with a seamless experience across borders and our desired single point of contact. Their IBC is available whenever we need to discuss matters important to us and coordinate queries across the UK and Kenya."

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