Mergers and acquisitions (business combinations) can have a fundamental impact on the acquirer’s operations, resources and strategies.

The assessment of whether one entity controls another (ie when a parent-subsidiary relationship exists) is essential to the preparation of financial statements under IFRS.

A number of issues relating to consolidated financial statements can have a significant effect on your business. Our guidance relates to applying the requirements of IFRS 10 ‘Consolidated Financial Statements’, where we highlight the challenges you will face.

Refer to our insights into IFRS 3 ‘Business Combinations’ series where we summarise the key areas of the Standard, highlighting aspects that are more difficult to interpret and revisiting the some relevant features that could impact your business.

We also help you to be able to identify and value intangible assets in a business combination when accounting under IFRS 3 in our guide on this topic

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Insights into IFRS 3

Mark Hucklesby
Director of Financial Reporting
Mark Hucklesby