This year’s Women in Business report – The Push for Parity shows that globally, 32.4% of senior management positions are now held by women. At this rate, just 34% of senior leadership positions will be held by women in 2025. Our research suggests that mid-market businesses must push for parity, and quickly, in order to remain robust, resilient and relevant in the ever-changing market. 

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For 19 years, Grant Thornton’s International Business Report has cast a light on the issue of gender diversity in senior management at mid-market businesses around the world. Our research shows that progress has been positive but slow, and suggests that mid-market businesses much push for parity, and quickly.

Globally, 32.4 % of senior management positions are held by women, an increase of just half a percentage point since 2022. Increasing diversity, at a senior level and beyond, is not only the responsible and right thing to do, we know it’s good for business too. 

A commitment by businesses to providing greater flexibility to employees is one factor which will accelerate progress. Businesses which offer hybrid, flexible or home working outperformed the global benchmark figure for women in senior management.  

Businesses must also:

  • Accelerate and monitor initiatives designed to encourage greater diversity
  • Combine these initiatives with greater transparency on career pathways
  • Consider carefully any calls to return to the workplace
  • Ensure they guard against the potential negative impacts of working from home

To push for parity, businesses must take intentional and decisive actions and accelerate progress. These five recommendations from the IBR research hold the key to mid-market businesses being able to truly create an equal and diverse workplace.

Read the full report now and join the push for parity.