The competitive disruptions and shake-outs from COVID-19 have created opportunities to enter new markets and form new relationships to take your business further. And digitization and advances in logistics have allowed businesses to both expand across borders and sell into and service markets virtually. 

Now is a time to revisit your international strategy, listening to your customers, understanding how markets are changing and watching competitors to determine what’s right for your business. But as markets re-open, it pays to think before you rush. You need to prioritise the actions to take, determine which two or three will make the most impact on your business, and scenario plan to support resilience in a time when opportunities and uncertainty is set to continue.

Now is the moment

Grant Thornton’s specialists in over 130 countries can offer guidance to companies looking to internationalise, helping navigate the challenges and opportunities to put your business on a path to sustainable growth.

Getting you started on your international journey

Freight expectations

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Going international

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Engaging global talent

Meeting the needs of international customers

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