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Digital risk

How to better manage digital risk

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are trying to carve out competitive advantage by leveraging digital information. But owing to the increased use of personal data, it also creates vulnerabilities and inter-dependencies between two previously discrete threats – data privacy and cyber security.

Our IBR research found businesses are laser focusing on mitigating data privacy risk. That’s no surprise, given the proliferation of data privacy regulation. But cyber threats continue to soar. So what’s the solution? Our advice is to build a wider ‘digital risk’ function which integrates data privacy and cyber security. But where should you start?

Click on the links below to explore the findings and read our recommendations for bolstering your digital risk management.

Digital risk
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COVID-19 and cybersecurity

Getting the response right

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A single digital risk function

Strategically aligned, organisationally distinct

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Technology is no silver bullet

Are businesses relying too heavily on software to fight digital threats?

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A to Z

Guide to cyber risk management for employees and employers alike.

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Bolster digital risk

How can you better manage threats?

The value of data

How can you anticipate and overcome cyber risk?

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