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Global mobility services

Effectively managing globally mobile employees

For growing businesses, international expansion is a key strategic objective. Expanding into new international markets means deploying employees to deliver to work across borders. These activities, therefore, offer opportunities for both business and personal growth. Employers have to make sure remuneration is competitive and effectively structured, and that tax, social security, and pension compliance issues are addressed and managed.

With ever-changing global tax regulations, an effective, compliant and cost-efficiently managed international mobility program is a critical component of successful talent management and business operations. Organisations that prepare carefully and leverage the right knowledge and advice can tackle the challenges they face to navigate a path towards successful talent mobility.

Technology that makes managing global mobility simple

Grant Thornton’s new global mobility technology, a configuration of Equus AssignmentPro, provides end-to-end solutions and insights that allow companies to manage key elements of a mobility program. From the regulatory, tax and compliance matters to assignment and tax cost management, the technology provides real-time analytics addressing tax and compensation aspects of a global workforce, especially as they relate to program spend and cost.

The technology provides the connectivity, oversight, and analytics that companies need to better manage their global mobility workforce. From assignment initiation, document sharing, service authorisations, and comprehensive reporting, the technology provides connectivity and oversight of a global mobility program. Globally mobile employees can easily connect via web, tablet or smartphone through a user-friendly interface that provides a range of tools for the management of their taxes.

Richard Tonge.pngRichard Tonge, Principal, Global Mobility Services, Grant Thornton US said the new offering will provide enhanced insight into a business’s globally mobile employee population. “Global mobility is challenging for multinational employers,” said Richard. “Our approach to mobility provides you with the forward-thinking solutions and compliance that provides successful management of international assignments. Drawing on the knowledge and insights of our global network of mobility professionals, we can deliver insightful solutions to meet your requirements.”

Global tax insights

With a geographically diverse employee population and myriad compliance obligations, mobility professionals must also balance compliance and cost management while delivering on a company’s strategic objectives through talent mobility.

Grant Thornton’s Global expat tax guide provides guidance for many country tax systems around the globe, along with key insights on trends and legislative changes on our Talent Mobility Hub.

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