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            Businesses open to outsourcing

            Two in five mid-market businesses around the world either currently outsource a back-office process, or plans to in the near future. That is the key finding from our new report - Outsourcing: driving efficiency and growth - which looks to better understand attitudes to outsourcing: Why and what functions are businesses outsourcing? What is preventing businesses from outsourcing? And how can these obstacles can be overcome?

            The benefits outsourcing can offer businesses are widely recognised, with the principal drivers being desire to find efficiencies (57%) or to reduce cost (55%). Tax and accounting (49%) and IT (46%) are the main processes companies currently outsource.

            However, a majority of business leaders remain reluctant to outsource; the principal barrier emerges as an unwillingness to lose control of a key process (44%) followed by the high cost of implementation (32%) and the risk involved with contracting out a key process (27%).

            IBR Grant thornton global map businesses plan to outsource processes

            More information:

            • the global press release looks at why businesses are reluctant to outsource
            • the data visualisation tool allows you to explore outsourcing trends in 45 economies
            • Samantha George encourages to try outsourcing for themselves

            Read more about our survey methodology here.

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