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DAC6 in action: What we’ve learned from the first 18 months of disclosures

08 Jun 2022 The EU Mandatory Disclosure Directive (DAC6) requires taxpayers, advisors and intermediaries to release details of “potentially aggressive” cross-border tax planning arrangements. A number of non-EU

BEPS multilateral instrument

28 Aug 2017 So what does the MLI really mean for your business? And how can you make sure you’re ready for the changes ahead?

BEPS: Making tax sexy

07 Oct 2014 Francesca Lagerberg, Global head of Tax services welcomes moves towards global taxation transparency.

BEPS: managing tax risk

08 Apr 2016 Tax is at the top of the boardroom agenda but how can boards take the lead in managing the whirlwind of change.

BEPS: Successes and setbacks

12 Apr 2017 What aspects of BEPS have been most successful in winning government support, gaining an international consensus and delivering on their objectives? What aspects remain work in progress?

BEPS goes global and local

10 Aug 2016 Partial or modified application of the OECD's BEPS recommendations in different local markets is creating an even more complex patchwork of requirements than before

BEPS: Businesses call for clarity

05 Aug 2015 Three quarters of business leaders would pay more taxes in exchange for greater clarity from authorities on what is acceptable. And while few expect a global agreement any time soon, the majority

Asia Pacific feels the impact of BEPS

10 Dec 2015 How will Asia Pacific countries be affected by the BEPS recommendations?

OECD BEPS project faces uphill battle

15 Dec 2014 Businesses want greater guidance on acceptable tax planning. Two global business surveys conducted by Grant Thornton finds businesses sceptical about the success of the Organisation for Economic