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Our global team of experts offer a proactive and pragmatic approach to delivering differentiated and innovative solutions to a portfolio of dynamic clients and can support you with all of the following: regulation, risk management, transformation, revenue growth, customer retention, data management and failure/fraud investigation.

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Asset management

Increasing regulation and investor demands for returns and transparency continue to challenge the asset management sector. Businesses with the operational agility and infrastructure to embrace change can position themselves to thrive in today’s evolving market.

Our global asset management team consists of industry professionals who can provide expert advice on a range of complex issues across audit, assurance, tax and advisory. We assist our clients with every aspect of their asset management business: the drivers, dynamics, architecture and ways to achieve commercial success.

We can work with you to mitigate risk and respond to regulatory changes, streamline and digitise your customer experience, implement cyber security strategies, and maximise your profit margins.

To learn more about our asset management solutions, contact our global head of asset management, Shona O'Hea, or your local Grant Thornton office.


Our global banking team are an integrated team of experienced industry professionals with in-depth knowledge of financial services institutions. As well as working with high-profile clients worldwide, we work with the World Bank and act as a monitoring trustee on behalf of several regional regulators.

We help our clients navigate the new normal and respond to customer needs, as well as competitive and technological shifts. Our services are tailored to your specific needs and our teams have one goal: to provide you with meaningful and pragmatic advice.

We know the world is continuously changing, so we will ensure you have access to the right people and right solutions every step of the way. 

To learn more about our banking solutions, contact our global head of banking, Matt Cooleen, or your local Grant Thornton office


Change is one of the only certainties in the insurance industry. In the current environment, following world events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, Brexit, and changes to regulation and digitalisation, insurers must be alert to the challenges that lie ahead.

Growth exists for those who can adapt, and we are working with many businesses to do just that. 

We understand that every business has unique goals and faces a diverse set of challenges. Our global insurance team comprises deep industry experience with strategies and solutions that effectively manage risk and drive growth.

We offer an array of innovative services to the full suite of insurance providers. We leverage technology to create value throughout the lifecycle of your business, from keeping up to date with regulatory reporting through to reducing costs without sacrificing quality. 

To learn more about our insurance solutions, contact our global head of insurance, Matt Tierney, or your local Grant Thornton office.

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