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Graduate people profile

Fabio Luis de Sousa Fabio Luis de Sousa

Location: São Paulo, Brazil.

At Grant Thornton: Audit partner

Outside the office: Enjoys running, tennis, the beach and playing soccer

Share a fun personal fact with us

I was a big soccer fan as a child, which is nothing new for a boy growing up in Brazil. I supported my team with all my heart and can still remember how many times I cried when they lost a game.

All of a sudden, I found myself wearing the same jersey. There was no better feeling than riding that bus back home with my team. Our biggest prize wasn’t a trophy, but the sense of accomplishment of being the best team in town.

Tell us a bit about your role

Some days are easier than others and it is a competitive marketplace, but working at Grant Thornton is a great journey.

Our firm is growing rapidly organically, and through mergers and acquisitions. We have recently acquired a smaller audit practice, which brought more than 80 people into our office. It has been great sharing experiences and learning from other colleagues.

It’s a privilege to meet and work with so many interesting people from Brazil and the other regions where we operate.

What do our global values mean to you and which one is your favourite?

These values summarise our DNA at Grant Thornton. If I had to pick one, I would say excellence is my favourite.

My experience

“Some days are easier than others and it is a competitive marketplace, but working at Grant Thornton is a great journey.”

What lessons have you learned during your time with the company?

Worry about my own responsibilities and not about other people’s.

If you weren’t working at Grant Thornton, what would be your dream job?

Airplane pilot. When I was a boy, my dad used to drive us to the area where planes take off in São Paulo. It was just overwhelming for me that something so heavy could simply take off into the air. Even though I am scared of heights, aviation still enchants and intrigues. I think the risk and responsibility involved is what most attracted me to that role.

What are your career plans going forward?

I want to help the firm grow in our region, support my managers in their goals to become partners and interact more with our firms worldwide.