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Emerging markets and shifting consumer demand are creating new opportunities in this industry, with business leaders investing in new products, markets and distribution models. At Grant Thornton, we can help you turn these trends to your advantage, while providing you with a clear route for growth.

Our extensive knowledge of the consumer and industrial products industry means we understand the challenges your business faces and can offer effective solutions.

Our teams will take a detailed look at your business and help you to optimise your operations. We’ll help you to improve productivity, making sure you run at the best possible efficiency across your supply chain.

We can also support your ambitions to grow and expand into new markets through our extensive knowledge of mergers and acquisitions. We’ll work with you to explore risks, examine how changing rules can create opportunities and make sure you benefit from relevant tax breaks.

In an industry with international supply chains and market opportunities, our global organisation of member firms allows us to combine both international and domestic knowledge.

Our solutions

Our teams offer solutions tailored to the consumer and industrial products industry, including working with you to:

  • enrich your business planning
  • make sure you meet regulatory challenges
  • enter new markets
  • address increasing costs and labour challenges
  • manage risks and food regulations.

Our industries


We offer an extensive range of services to automotive sector stakeholders from supply chain through to distribution, retail and usership. With a variety of experience of working and operating within the industry, our team understands what you are looking for from advisers.

Our knowledge of the sector means that we are aware of the key business risks that you face and know the areas to pinpoint to make the maximum impact. Having a team of sector specialists dedicated to the automotive industry means that we can rapidly understand both macro and local issues and provide relevant and practical recommendations to you. This sector relevance has enabled us to help clients to make long term and positive changes to their businesses.

To learn more about our automotive solutions contact your local member firm.


The past 18 months saw the retail industry experience significant disruption. But with the roll out of vaccines and optimism beginning to return, business leaders can now begin to focus on the future.

The priority for businesses should now be trying to build on the lessons learned over the past 12 months and establish sustainable and well executed growth strategies. And for those businesses that remain under significant stress, there will still be opportunities to effectively restructure and reposition for future success.

To learn more about our retail solutions contact your local member firm.

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