• Statement from Grant Thornton International Ltd

Grant Thornton International has concluded its investigation into allegations of sexual harassment against a former director of the Johannesburg member firm in South Africa and the response of the firm to the allegations.

The investigation highlighted certain issues in the Johannesburg firm that indicated the firm’s leadership, in those instances, did not meet the global values and leadership standards we expect our member firms to uphold.

The Johannesburg firm’s management failed, in these instances, to address inappropriate behaviours that were at odds with what we expect from our senior leaders.

As a result, certain individuals felt their behaviour would be excused or ignored, instead of being dealt with head on.

As we have a zero tolerance attitude to any form of harassment, we have put these serious concerns to the Johannesburg firm’s partnership board and management team. This has been done with the support of the other member firms in South Africa. We requested an immediate response outlining what further actions the firm plans to take.

The Johannesburg firm has confirmed that its CEO Paul Badrick has stepped down with immediate effect.

We would like to stress the vast majority of the people at the Johannesburg firm do uphold the values we consider so important.

We will continue to monitor and review other steps the firm proposes to undertake to address leadership failures and the underlying culture.

Any media enquiries can be referred to Campbell McIlroy, director of communications GTIL at campbell.mcilroy@gti.gt.com.