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Eurozone businesses support EU-wide single corporate tax rate

17 May 2017

The majority of European businesses (53%) would support the setting of an EU-wide corporate tax rate, finds Grant Thornton’s International Business Report (IBR).

Peter Bodin named Global CEO-elect of Grant Thornton

15 May 2017

Peter Bodin, the former CEO of Grant Thornton Sweden, will assume the role with effect from 1 January 2018 for a five year term, succeeding Ed Nusbaum.

Almost half of extortion attempts demand payment in Bitcoin

15 May 2017

Grant Thornton’s International Business Report shows that globally, nearly one in five businesses that have faced a cyber-attack in the last 12 months have been subjected to extortion or blackmail attempts.

Drivers of the economy on a wave of optimism

10 Apr 2017

Globally, business optimism is at its highest level on record (49%) heading into Q2 of 2017, according to the latest Grant Thornton mid-market business survey, The International Business Report.

Research reveals global split in approach to cybersecurity

07 Apr 2017

New research from Grant Thornton reveals that some of the world’s largest economies are underprepared and have not taken steps to identify which of their data is most valuable, and therefore, most vulnerable.

Grant Thornton finds 1 in 4 senior business roles now held by women

08 Mar 2017

Our Grant Thornton global survey finds 25% of senior business roles now held by women but pace of change is glacial.

Grant Thornton reports record global revenues

05 Jan 2017

Revenues at Grant Thornton member firms grew 7.8% measured on a local currencies basis. “All credit goes to our 47,000 people in more than 130 countries,” said Ed Nusbaum, global CEO...

A strong increase in optimism heading into 2017

03 Jan 2017

Business leaders around the world report a strong increase in optimism heading into 2017. The findings, from Grant Thornton’s most recent quarterly global survey of 2,600 businesses in 37 economies, suggest that business leaders are putting a period of uncertainty around many major issues behind them.

Unseen and unreported: extortion more common than data theft as diversity of cyber-attacks laid bare

30 Nov 2016

New figures from Grant Thornton reveal that extortion and blackmail are more common forms of cyber-attack on businesses than theft of data or intellectual property...

Auditors need to adapt and constantly innovate

17 Nov 2016

ACCA and Grant Thornton jointly hosted a series of roundtables worldwide to scope the drivers of change for audit and the profession in the medium/long term future...