Residency and Taxation of Individuals

30 June 2020

Join us for a live webinar on 30 June 2020 at 2pm (UK)/4pm (Moscow) to learn about key tax measures in response to COVID-19 and the post-COVID-19 'new normal'. Grant Thornton experts from Russia, the UK, the US and Germany will share their insights and answer your questions.

Webcast content


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  • Russian tax consequences for employees and other professionals involuntary staying in Russia or outside of Russia due to restrictions associated with COVID-19
  • Foreign bank account reports and notifications on controlled foreign companies (CFC) for individuals staying in Russia
  • Labor matters: remote work and hiring of expatriates during restrictions period

Aleksandra Gerasimova — moderator
Head of Practice, FBK Legal, FBK Grant Thornton

Liliya Yulgusheva
Senior Consultant, Tax Consulting Practice, FBK Legal, FBK Grant Thornton


United States

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  • IRS announcements on tax measures arising due to COVID-19:
    • Filing and payment extensions
    • Mitigating US Federal tax residency
    • Application of double tax treaty relief
    • Relief for individuals who returned to the US from overseas and corresponding impact on US taxation
    • Considerations for creation of PE
  • Considerations for longer-term remote working in the 'new normal'

Richard Tonge.png

Richard Tonge
Principal, Global Mobility Services, Grant Thornton LLP



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  • Tax implications for cross border workers/expatriates working in their home country Germany due to closed borders
  • Announced measures of the German Ministry of Finance to ease these implications
  • Other COVID – 19 tax measures (deferment of tax payment etc.)
  • Overview short term work regulation in Germany

Marco Schader.png

Marco Schader
Partner, Tax, Warth & Klein Grant Thornton AG


United Kingdom

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  • HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) announcements on tax measures due to COVID-19 including:
    • Employment and personal tax filing, reporting and payment extensions
    • Impact on the Statutory Residence Test
    • Allowances and expenses for employees working from home
    • Tax treatment and business implications of furloughed employees
    • Permanent Establishment considerations
  • Brexit – a recap that UK is due to leave the EU from 1 January 2021 after the current transition period ends in December and quick summary of the key points to consider

UK Heather Smallwood.png

Heather Smallwood
Director, Global Mobility Services, Grant Thornton UK LLP

UK Katy Bond.png

Katy Bond
Director, Global Mobility Services, Grant Thornton UK LLP
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