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Our firm was founded in 1996. We continuously develop our service lines, striving to meet the growing demands of clients and the market in general. The firm is a multi-professional group of accountants and auditors, specialists in finance, business and management, as well as tax and legal professionals.  Supported by the depth of the international structure, the strength of the brand and the high standards of quality in the organisation, we deliver services that meet the high expectations of our clients. 
“We dedicate ourselves to providing exceptional quality of service, taking an individual approach to each client and maintaining regular contact with them throughout the entire assignment. We select the best people for the team who possess the right experience and knowledge for each client's industry.”

Nematulla Karimov, Managing partner

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Why Grant Thornton

The firm has a wide range of clients, from captive insurance companies, insurance managers and mutual funds, to local corporations. The services we provide reflect this diversity: in addition to a full range of auditing and accounting functions, the firm also offers specialised services required to conduct business in a low tax jurisdiction.