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Established in 1999, CKA Audit & Conseil has developed a strong reputation in West Africa. We are registered as certified accountants in Togo, Benin and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Our teams are also present in Congo, where we have recently set up an office. CKA Audit & Conseil Togo joined the Grant Thornton global organisation in October 2012 and is currently one of the top five practices in Togo. The firm’s main service focus is currently on audit, but we also carry out tax compliance work and consultancy activities. 
“We have devoted a significant amount of time to develop tools to ensure our way of working is compliant with local and international rules so that we can provide our clients with high standards of service. Being a member firm of Grant Thornton provides the potential for faster growth.”
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Why Grant Thornton

The firm has a wide range of clients, from captive insurance companies, insurance managers and mutual funds, to local corporations. The services we provide reflect this diversity: in addition to a full range of auditing and accounting functions, the firm also offers specialised services required to conduct business in a low tax jurisdiction.