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We are a top ten accounting and consulting firm providing audit, tax, advisory and interim management solutions. We offer a full range of services to dynamic organisations, varying from privately held businesses, medium-sized and large national companies and international enterprises.  We have a passion for results in our work and expect our clients’ challenges to be more than just adding up the figures and applying the right regulations. Involved and committed, we excel at assessing entrepreneurial developments and challenges at hand, both nationally and internationally.
“Enabling growth globally is what drives us. If you are our client, we can offer you access to our international teams, who have both local and international expertise and a depth of knowledge for your specific growth areas.”
 Frank Ponsioen

Frank Ponsioen



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Grant Thornton provides solutions that can help mid sized and global companies grow and optimise their operations

Why Grant Thornton

Dynamic organisations know they need to apply both reason and instinct to decision-making. At Grant Thornton, this is how we support our clients every day. We combine technical expertise with the intuition, insight and confidence gained from our sector experience and a deeper understanding of our clients. Through empowered client service teams and approachable partners, we provide a wider point of view.