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We were established in 1997 as an authorised public accountancy firm and are the fifth-largest auditing and consulting firm in Finland. Our teams have extensive experience and knowledge in auditing domestic as well as international clients, making it possible to provide our clients with high-quality auditing and related services.
“Our experienced people have the solid skills and experience that owner-managed businesses and other company type and public interest entities need. As a result of our vast service portfolio, experienced personnel, cohesive audit methods and a well-connected international network, we are able to effectively serve all our clients.”
 Juha-Pekka Keimmo

Juha-Pekka Keimmo

Riskienhallintapalvelut, Osakas, KHT

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Why Grant Thornton

We provide knowledgeable services with integrity. We are strongly committed to our clients’ businesses. All our services are distinctive, with a high level of personal attention from our partners and other senior staff.