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Czech Republic

We have extensive knowledge of the Central European area and provide our clients in the Czech Republic and abroad with a wide range of services. This includes advisory, tax consulting and accounting services according to national and international standards, payroll accounting, audits of financial statements and their transformation according to IFRS and US GAAP. We are the largest expert institute in valuation in the Czech Republic. We approach assignments by combining international experience with local business and technical knowledge. We provide our clients with a holistic service that identifies risks based on a thorough understanding of the client’s business.
"We recently went through a big merger. This event has given birth to the fifth largest and fastest-growing consulting group in the Czech Republic with a turnover exceeding CZK 750 million and which now employs over 400 professionals in the fields of taxes, audit, accounting, management consultancy, IT consultancy, law, economic expertise and valuation, and payroll processing."


David Pirner, partner – Advisory

Jiri Jakoubek, patner – Tax & Acounting

Tomas Brabenec, partner – Appraisal

Milan Pasek, partner - Audit


Key Contacts

Grant Thornton provides solutions that can help mid sized and global companies grow and optimise their operations

Why Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton ranks among the top five consultancies in the Czech Republic. Our aim is to provide standard consulting activities at an excellent level of quality. Consultancy, as we understand it, involves working with the client as a team, engaging in a creative search for the best workable solution, finding the energy and solutions necessary for overcoming obstacles and transforming proposals into a practical and functional solution.