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We are a dynamic and growing organisation providing services in the field of audit, accountancy and tax, with a wide range of specialist services. Understanding clients and anticipating their needs is what we consider our core task. We are a true professional business partner with broad and international knowledge and experience.  Irrespective of the complexity of the client’s issue, Grant Thornton Belgium always provides support at a high level tailored to our clients’ expectations.
“Our first concern is to understand our clients’ business and their specific needs. We use our experience to give clients an edge over their competitors and inspire our people to bring out the best in themselves. We produce high-quality work with a sense of responsibility, integrity and respect.”
 Paul De Weerdt

Paul De Weerdt

Managing Partner


Key Contacts

Grant Thornton provides solutions that can help mid sized and global companies grow and optimise their operations

Why Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton has become a major player in the Belgian market, capable of offering all the services global organisations expect from us. Despite the success, we never forget our roots.

We are dynamic entrepreneurs with an instinct for growth and a commitment to excellence. We value all our clients, large and small, and want to guide them through their life cycle. We have trained our staff to share the same passion and commitment and to invest time in understanding the client’s business to provide them with deeper analysis of their issues.